Office Of The Registrar, New Brunswick

            Changing Your PAC Number

What is a PAC Number and How is it Determined?

  • Your PAC is the four-digit month and day of your birth [ie: the PAC for October 25th is "1025"].  If you did not provide the University with your date of birth, your Rutgers PAC is
            set at "0101." It is highly recommended that all students change their PAC number from
            their date of birth. See "Change Your PAC Number" below.

  • Change Your PAC Number (NetID required) - Use this option if you have forgotten your PAC number, or to reinstate or establish your PAC number. If your PAC number has been suspended for three errors, you may call the Registrar's Office for assistance (848-445-7000 and press #3 for Undergraduate or press #4 for Graduate).

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Edited: July 18, 2018