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Only authorized persons can view, download, and administer their class rosters

Approval Process for Access to Class Rosters:

Approved Access can be granted on a READ ONLY and/or GRANT/READ basis. Approval for class rosters can be at the following levels:

Unit Subject Course Section Term Yr = ACCESS GRANTED FOR:
Ex: 16 350 238 01 Fall 2000 = Access for this course only
Ex: 16 350 All Fall 2000 = Access for all 16:350 courses
Ex: 16 All Fall 2000 = Access for all Sch 16 courses
  1. The Registrar will distribute access approval to the School/Dean.
  2. The Dean of the School will then distribute access to Department Chairs.
    • (Approvals will roll over each semester for those with “All” Unit or “All” Subject access.)
  3. Department Chairs will distribute access to faculty.
  4. Faculty will distribute access to TA’s.
    • (Approval will need to be granted each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) for all other access.)

Timing for viewing rosters on line beginning in:

November - Spring Rosters will be available February - Summer Rosters will be available April - Fall Rosters will be available

Files can be downloaded in:

EXCEL Format Comma Delimited Format Specific format for setting up a Listserv

Download data contains:

Student ID Numbers and Student email Addresses Email addresses are pulled from the online directory; faculty should encourage students to keep their information in the directory up-to-date. The student has the option of using their University Eden addresses or their own commercial (AOL, JUNO, etc.) or private email address when updating their directory information.

Updated: February 19, 2007

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