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Registrar Offices

Administrative Services Building
65 Davidson Road
Rooms 200-A, B, F, L
Busch Campus
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8096

Office Hours: Monday - Friday
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Office Of The Registrar, New Brunswick

Recent News and Announcements

Important upcoming dates for students include:

  • November 20: Students will follow Thursday class schedule.
  • November 21: Students will follow Friday class schedule.
  • November 26: Last day for students to withdraw from school.

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About the Registrar

The New Brunswick Registrar's Offices serve as the custodian of student academic records. We provide and maintain essential processes and answer inquiries with confidentiality and integrity for our students, faculty, and administrators while supporting our mission. We also provide and support registration, transcripts and verifications,  posting of grades and degrees, changes in residency, calendars, name and address changes, Veteran's benefits, awarding of diplomas, as well as graduation and commencement information.

Our Mission: "We believe personalized high quality service is a necessity for achieving a rewarding experience at Rutgers. We are committed to supporting this goal by working together to recognize and meet the needs of our students through mutual respect and partnership."

Students can expect: Knowledgeable, organized and prepared staff; Personalized Service; and Courtesy.

Students are expected to be responsible for: Reading Information and asking questions; Being prepared and organized; and Being courteous.

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Edited: November 6, 2018