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Registration Information for New Students in the New Brunswick

Graduate Schools of Rutgers University


Degree Students


Please consult with your adviser to discuss your program of studies and your initial registration.  You may register online at our website (WebReg), http://nbregistrar.rutgers.eduNew admits to degree programs in the Graduate School must consult with their Graduate Program Directors prior to their initial registration.  New admits in the graduate professional schools and non-degree admits in the Graduate School may register upon admission or as soon as registration opens, usually in mid - April for the fall semester or summer session and November for a spring semester.  You may consult the registration calendar at the above URL for further information.


Students admitted to the School of Social Work will receive written instructions for registration from the School, usually in June.

Students admitted to the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology will be registered by the student services coordinator for the first semester. Students will meet at orientation in June to get their schedules




Non-Degree Students


 Non-degree students should consult with the department(s) in which they wish to take courses. Non-degree students in the Graduate School and all non degree students in the School of Management and Labor Relations, and those taking courses in the department of Communication and Information Studies will need to secure a special permission number from the department for each course they wish to take in their school of admission, which must be used with the registration index number in the registration process.  Registration may be conducted as above.


Registration/All students


Students may register via WebReg at our website,, generally, until the semester begins. Once the semester begins you may change your registration on WebReg, but you may not initiate your first registration on WebReg, you must do so in person at the Registrar�s Office at the above address. You may conduct your initial registration no later than the end of the first week of classes.  Changes to existing registrations may be made during the first two weeks of classes Registration, whether conducted on our website or in person requires use of your RUID and PAC (initially the mmdd of your birth date.)  Courses are identified by a five-digit registration index number, in addition to the course number.  It is the registration index number that is used in registration.  Closed courses and courses that require departmental permission require a special permission number in addition to the registration index number.  The department offering the course controls distribution of special permission numbers. Special permission numbers cannot be used to waive prerequisites. A written permission to the registrar is required



The Schedule of Classes can be found at our website,  Maps to campus and classrooms are also available there.  The schedule is not available on paper.


Credit hour prefixes: WebReg will offer you the option of registering with a credit hour prefix.  Prefixes are required for undergraduate courses, to clarify their relevance to your program, but are not used with graduate courses.  Prefixes are as follows:  E - Course does not count in average or toward degree; G - 300-400 level undergraduate course taken for credit toward current graduate degree program�not applicable for no degree students; N - course taken not-for-credit (audit), S or U grade, no final exam, course appears on transcript.  Note:  the system will automatically assign the appropriate prefix for non-degree students.


NETWORK ID:  University policy requires all students and employees to have a Network ID (NET ID).  A NET ID is required for on line address updates, PAC number changes, on line bill payment, viewing transcripts and grades, establishing email and computer accounts, as well as accessing other services.  If you have formally accepted admission, or are registered for a course once the semester has begun, you may activate your NET ID by visiting this web site:   Once you have activated a NET ID you are encouraged to create your personalized portal to University services and information, MyRutgers,   at


 All students are also required to provide a personal emergency contact at



ID CARDS: Information regarding student identification cards can be provided by the RuConnection Office. Website:  Phone: 732 445 6949.



TERM BILLS: Students who register early will receive an email alerting them to pay their term bills online.

Students registering in person near the registration deadline will be asked to pay at that time.



 ACADEMIC CALENDAR: The beginning and ending dates of each semester, the University holidays and the exam schedule can be found on the University Scheduling Office website,





Requests for withdrawal must be submitted in writing to the above address or via email to the Registrar's Office at Requests for cancellation of registration and tuition charges must be received prior to the first day of the semester. 


ACADEMIC POLICY:  Withdrawal from the entire program of courses must be done in writing.   The effective date, which determines financial and academic consequences, is the date notice is received by the registrar.  Students will receive �W� grades in all courses.  Students who quit their courses without withdrawing will receive failing grades.


The following schools allow withdrawal routinely through the seventh week of the term:  Mason Gross School of the Arts, the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, and the School of Graduate Studies.


The Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy and the School of Management and Labor Relations allows withdrawal routinely through the eighth week of the term. 


The foregoing schools require approval of the dean and a letter from the instructor of each course for withdrawal after these dates.  Withdrawal is not allowed after the twelfth week of the term.


The following schools allow withdrawal routinely through the twelfth week of the term:  the Graduate School of Education, the School of Communication and Information, and the School of Social Work.  Withdrawal is not allowed after the twelfth week of the term.



A student who voluntarily withdraws from all courses during the first six weeks of a term will receive W grades and  a partial reduction of tuition and fees according to the week of withdrawal as follows: first to second week: 80 %, third to fourth week: 60%, fifth to sixth week: 40%.  Full refunds are granted only when registration has been cancelled by written notice received by the Registrar prior to the semester.  Official refund policy appears on the Student Financial Services website,




HTTP://NBREGISTRAR.RUTGERS.EDU contains information regarding residency, veterans� benefits, confidentiality of records, graduation, student ID cards, calendars, changing address, requesting enrollment certification and transcripts, requests for withholding enrollment information, and Registering via the WEB.  Students may view the schedule of classes with maps to classroom locations, as well as their transcripts and current registrations.  RUID (student number) and PAC are required for registration.  NetID (see above) and Eden account password are required for grade inquiry and may also be used for registration.


Services Directory


Registrar                                            848 445 2104      

Student Accounts                       732 932 7019      

Financial Aid                                      732 932 7057               

Graduate Admissions                           732 932 7711      

Computer account creation                   732 445 HELP     


Keep the Registrar informed of changes in your mailing address.  You may do this online at our website.  You may also use this site to conceal your online address if you so choose.   It is inadvisable to use your academic department as your home address as this may create communications problems for you.

All admits


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