Office Of The Registrar, New Brunswick

Rutgers-Princeton Graduate Student Cooperative Exchange

When registering on WEBREG graduate students will be given the option of registering for a credit hour prefix (“PFX”). In most instances it is not necessary to enter a prefix. The exceptions are:

  1. The student is matriculated and is taking an undergraduate course at the 300- or -400 level. A prefix is required to indicate whether the course counts toward the degree sought. (100- and 200-level courses may not be taken for graduate degree credit. A prefix will be automatically assigned. Nonmatriculated students may not take any course for degree credit and need not enter a prefix.),
  2. The student wishes to audit a course and have it appear on his/her transcript. The student must do all work of the course but the final exam is not to be taken and a grade of S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory) will be assigned. Courses audited in this way will calculate in the tuition charges.

The prefixes are:

~ G – 300- or 400-level course taken by a matriculated student for credit toward the graduate degree sought. May not be used by nonmatriculated students. Not to be used when the course is at the graduate level, 500 and above.

~ E – Course does not count in GPA or toward degree credit. (Might be used for course taken as refresher or in preparation for another course. Automatically applied to some ‘courses’ such as TAship or GAship.

~ N – Formal audit. Not counted in GPA or degree credits. No final exam. S or U grade.

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