Office Of The Registrar, New Brunswick

Cotutelle* Arrangement Between
the School of Graduate Studies and French Universities


In 1999 the School of Graduate Studies and its French program adopted a cotutelle arrangement whereby selected students may receive a PhD in French or another field from Rutgers and a doctorat from a French University through resident study at both institutions. The student will be registered at the institution where study is taking place. Tuition will be remitted by the host institution. The doctoral committee will be joint.


Students based at a French University

Students will be preselected by faculty members of the Graduate School in conjunction with their colleagues in France. They will apply for admission to the PhD program at Rutgers. Tuition will be remitted by Rutgers.

The student must complete 15 course credits and 12 research credits at Rutgers. A portion of the course credits may be taken for N credit.

Upon completion of degree requirements the following statement will be placed on the Rutgers transcript upon notice from the Dean of the Graduate School. "The student has completed the Ph.D. as part of a cotutelle arrangement with (name of a French university.) Under the agreement 33 credits of formal coursework and 12 credits of research are waived by Rutgers in recognition of the preparation at the French institution and the research supervision contributed by the French members of the studentís committee."

Note that transfer credits will not be added to the Rutgers transcript.

For students based at Rutgers University

Students admitted to the PhD program in French at the School of Graduate Studies who participate in the cotutelle will have the same degree requirements as regular students and no narrative statements are necessary on their transcripts.


This arrangement was approved by the Executive Council of the Graduate School.

* Joint Supervision
Richard Bird,4/1/06

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