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Dietetic Internship/MS in Nutritional Science With School of Health Related Professions at Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences-RBHS (formerly UMDNJ) and Rutgers Graduate School - New Brunswick


In 1994 an agreement was reached between the School of Health Related Professions, Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences-RBHS (formerly UMDNJ), and Rutgers University whereby students admitted to the MS program in nutritional science at the Rutgers Graduate School – New Brunswick may apply to pursue a certificate in the Dietetic Internship Program at Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences-RBHS (formerly UMDNJ).

Students complete a summer session at SHP prior to their following the intial summer session at SHP (School of Health Professsions) students will be continuously registered at GSNB, even when coursework is at RBHS/SHP. When course work is at RBHS, students will pay all tuition to Rutgers and will be registered at RBHS concurrently. Student will not pay tuition to RBHS. RBHS will bill Rutgers for credits taken at RBHS. While taking courses at RBHS the student will register for 16:709:818, RBHS DIETETIC EXCH, BA (E) credits . This is a pseudo or dummy course which generates a term bill at Rutgers. The student registers for the number of credits that would generate Rutgers tuition equivalent to the tuition that would be assessed that semester at RBHS for the credits taken there. The Dean of the Graduate School – New Brunswick will establish this number as needed.  Beginning with the 2009 fall semester this number will be 10 credits.

The Internship Certificate is a 30 credit program. The student will receive the MS with 24 Rutgers credits and 6 transfer credits. All RBHS courses taken are shown on the Rutgers transcript as exchange courses, without degree credit. Six lump sum transfer credits are granted, upon awarding of the certificate.

The MS/Internship Certificate program normally takes two years to complete and coursework alternates between Rutgers and SHP.


When students are admitted to the MS program the Graduate Admissions Office will enter an option code of D. This code is for reporting purposes only.

When course work is at Rutgers no special procedures are in place.

When course work is at RBHS, the student registers for the Rutgers pseudo course identified above. Tuition is charged by and paid to Rutgers. At some point, RBHS bills Rutgers. Accounts payable normally asks the Rutgers Registrar to verify the bill. At the end of the semester RBHS sends a transcript to the Graduate Registrar at Rutgers. The Registrar reviews the transcript and forwards to Records for posting to the Rutgers transcript as transfer courses. Course numbers, titles, and grades are posted on the exchange screen. Grades are not included in the Rutgers gpa. Credits are posted but not included in the degree credits. The pseudo courses are not graded nor deleted from the transcript. The external print indicator is set to N (which prevents the pseudo course from appearing on an official transcript.)

When the RBHS transcript indicates awarding of the Certificate, the Graduate School dean's office will instruct the Registrar to add 6 lump sum transfer credits using CEEB RU0140, and the following notation is placed on the Rutgers transcript via the narrative screen, "Awarded six credits for completion of certificate program in Dietetic Internship at Rutgers Biomedical and Health Professions-RBHS, School of Health Professions."


This program was approved by the deans and presidents of the two institutions.

Richard Bird, Registrar
Revised, October 25, 2016

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