Office Of The Registrar, New Brunswick

NJIT/New Brunswick Graduate Student Exchange Arrangements


Starting in spring, 2006, students in the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy and the Graduate School Ė New Brunswick will again be permitted to take courses at the New Jersey Institute of Technology via a longstanding arrangement between Rutgers - Newark, and NJIT


For students at NJIT

NJIT students will use procedures in place in Newark and described in the Exchange Registration Policies, Newark Campus. Students will be registered as Rutgers nonmatrics and will appear on Rutgers rosters coded 26:NM:000:GC. Grades will be assigned on the roster.

For Rutgers, New Brunswick graduate students

Students must be matriculated to participate. Students will complete the NJIT Cross Registration Form, which may be printed from the Newark Registrar's website.

The student will have the form signed by his or her advisor or program director, entering the course(s) requested, and submit the form to the Graduate Registrar in New Brunswick, who will fax it to the Newark Registrar.

The Newark Registrar will register the student directly into the NJIT registration database for the NJIT course(s).

If the course has a Rutgers equivalent

The Newark Registrar will also register the student for the equivalent course at Rutgers in course school 48. This will generate tuition charges at Rutgers. There will be no tuition charges from NJIT.

Upon completion NJIT will inform the Newark Registrar of the studentís grade and the Newark Registrar will enter the grade on the roster for the equivalent Rutgers course. There will be no indication on the transcript, except for the fact that school 48 indicates course offered with NJIT, that the student took the course at NJIT.

If there is no Rutgers equivalent the Newark Registrar will register the student for a dummy Rutgers course, GRAD EXCHANGE NJIT, 26:001:015. This will generate charges at Rutgers. There will be no charges from NJIT.

Upon completion of the course NJIT will notify the Newark Registrar of studentís grade. The Newark Registrar will enter the grade on the studentís record as an exchange course taken at NJIT.


There has been an exchange agreement among the institutions of higher learning in Newark since the 1960's, approved by the Council of Higher Education in Newark (CHEN). In 1992 the arrangement was expanded to include the Graduate School in New Brunswick and EJBSPPP, then, discontinued. It is now reinstated.

Richard Bird
January 2008

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