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Rutgers-Princeton Graduate Student Cooperative Exchange


In 1964 the Graduate School at Princeton University and the Graduate School at Rutgers University entered into an exchange program for students studying waste water management at their respective engineering departments. Princeton University currently accepts students from all graduate schools in New Brunswick, regardless of program. The exchange is restricted to matriculated graduate students; the courses must be graduate level by definition, must be applicable to the student’s degree program, and must be unavailable at the student’s institution. Participation by a student is limited to one or two courses per semester.

Tuition is assessed and collected by the home institution. There is no exchange of funds between the institutions.


Rutgers to Princeton

Student obtains an approval form from the Registrar or Dean. The student must secure the approval signatures of h/her adviser and dean and the course instructor(s). If approved, the student must register at Rutgers for the pseudo-course, PRINCETON EXCHANGE, xx:001:816, normally for three credits. These credits generate tuition charges.

The student sends a copy of the approved form to the Rutgers Registrar for information and one copy to the Dean’s Office, Princeton Graduate School. The Princeton courses are entered on the exchange screen ASAP.

At the end of the semester the Princeton Graduate School sends a graded and signed copy of the form or transcript to the Rutgers Registrar. The Registrar posts the course title, number, credits, and Princeton grade on the exchange course screen. Degree credit indicator will be set to ‘Y’ and GPA indicator to ‘N’. The print indicator on the pseudo-course is set to ‘N”. (The Princeton course will not be posted unless the student has registered for the pseudo-course.) Rutgers will use the actual grade assigned by Princeton.

Princeton to Rutgers

Student obtains an approval form from the Princeton Graduate School Dean. The student must secure the approval signatures of h/her adviser and dean and the course instructor(s). The form is then submitted to the Rutgers Graduate Registrar. The student is registered on the Student Record Data Base. The Registrar will provide the special permission number. The student’s date of birth, gender, address, and email address will be entered. (The SSN will not be available.) New Jersey residency status will be set to Y.

Students will be coded 16:NM:XXX (using curric code for the course.) The registrar will enter a special/location code and sar billing code of CD. The billing code will exclude these students from billing. The bill payment indicator will be set to Y, and the telephone access override code will be set to N, thus blocking students from drop/add online or registration in future semesters online without going through the Princeton Graduate School.

If the student has an RUID from a former admission and a visa code on GD, the registrar will change the visa code to XX.

The student will be sent an email informing h/her of h/her RUID and providing information about how to create a net ID, provide emergency contact information, and secure a Rutgers ID card if needed. A copy of this email will be sent to the Princeton Dean’s office.

Students will appear on rosters and will be graded normally. Transcripts will be sent to the Princeton Graduate School at the end of the semester. The student may request transcripts to be sent. Princeton will use the actual Rutgers grade.


This exchange program was approved by the Presidents of the two institutions.

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Richard Bird
  November 6, 2008

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