Office Of The Registrar, New Brunswick

New Brunswick Theological Seminary Exchange


This program dates to the mid-1960’s. Rutgers students on the New Brunswick campus and students at the New Brunswick Theological Seminary may take graduate or undergraduate courses at the host institution without formal admission. No funds are exchanged between the two institutions, and, except for Graduate School – New Brunswick students, no tuition is charged. Students at the Graduate School – New Brunswick register for a dummy course to generate tuition charges on their Rutgers term bill.


NBTS to Rutgers

The student obtains an exchange form from the NBTS Registrar, who signs the form requesting a Rutgers course and forwards to Rutgers Registrar. The Rutgers Registrar (Graduate Registrar at this time) forwards the form to the course instructor who may permit or deny entry. If student is permitted to attend, the instructor forwards graded form to Rutgers Registrar at end of semester, who signs same and forwards to NBTS Registrar.

Graduate School – NB to NBTS

The student obtains an exchange form from the Registrar and has it signed by his or her adviser or dean, requesting an NBTS course, and submits it to the Rutgers Registrar, who forwards it to the NBTS Registrar.

The student registers for a dummy course, 16:001:817, for the appropriate number of credits, generating tuition charges. This course requires a special permission number which is obtained from the dean’s office.

At the end of the semester the NBTS Registrar forwards graded form to the Rutgers Registrar who records the course and grade information on the exchange course screen. The print indicator on the dummy course is set to "N".

Other Rutgers Schools to NBTS

For all other Rutgers schools in New Brunswick the procedures above apply, except that there is no dummy course registration.


Original documents no longer exist. Subsequent files indicate that President Mason Gross approved the exchange agreement in 1966 for undergraduates, and stipulated that Rutgers would not subsidize the NBTS curriculum. The Vice Provost and Dean of the University authorized participation of graduate students and courses in 1969.

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Richard Bird
October 29, 2002

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