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Committee On Institutional Cooperation Traveling Scholar Program


Since 1963 the Traveling Scholar Program has allowed doctoral students to spend up to a full academic year pursuing specialized courses of study, researching unique library collections, and working in advanced laboratories and facilities at other CIC institutions with no change in registration procedures from their home university or additional tuition.

The student's advisor must approve participation and confirm that the experience is not available at the home institution.Participation must also be approved by the host school Traveling Scholar Campus Contact.   Currently that position is held by the New Brunswick Graduate School Associate Dean for Academic Administration



Students first obtain permission from their advisor, then complete an application to the Program at the CIC Traveling Scholar Program website.  Once all approvals are obtained the Rutgers Campus Contact, will notify the Registrar to register the student for the pseudo course, CIC TRAVELING SCHOLAR PROGRAM, 16:001:810,   BA  E-CREDITS.  The credits are billable.

When the course is completed the Campus Contact will notify the Registrar of the student's grade.  The grade of the host school will be recorded.  The host school  course title, course number, credits, and grade will be entered on the exchange course screen. Degree credit indicator will be set to ‘Y’ and GPA indicator to ‘N’. The print indicator on the pseudo-course is set to ‘N”.


The Campus Contact will provide the Registrar with personal  information and course information.  The students will be coded 16:NM:xxx.  A special identifying code may be devised. The Registrar will set the bill payment indicator to Y.  The Campus Contact will notify SAR to waive tuition.  All other fees will be charged, including health fees if the student is on campus. The NJ residency indicator will be set according to the location of the student's home school.  The web access code will be set to N to prevent changes of registration with approval of the Campus Contact

The student will be sent an email informing h/her of h/her RUID and providing information about how to create a net ID, provide emergency contact information, and secure a Rutgers ID card if needed. Students will appear on rosters and will be graded normally. The student may request transcripts to be sent to the home school.


Rutgers is a participant in the Committee on Institutional Cooperation.

Updated: August 23, 2013

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