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Inter-University Doctoral Consortium


In fall 2002, the Rutgers University School of Graduate Studies, was admitted into the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium, consisting of the graduate schools or faculties of New York University, Columbia University, CUNY, Fordham University, New School University, Princeton University, Stony Brook University, and Teacher�s College of Columbia University. (While Princeton University is a member of the Doctoral Consortium, these procedures are not to be used for exchanges between Rutgers and Princeton. Rather, the pre-existing Rutgers/Princeton Graduate Student Exchange procedures will be used in all cases.)

This program allows arts-and-science students of any participating institution to take courses at the other institutions who have completed at least one year of full-time study toward the Ph.D. Tuition and student fees are calculated by and paid to the home institution, only. Additional charges may be assessed by the host institution for lab fees if applicable.

Terminal masters students and non-arts-and-science students are normally not eligible. Students may take only courses that are not available at their home institutions. (The long-standing Rutgers/Princeton Graduate Student Exchange will continue in effect.)

School of Graduate Studies students will be required to register for a pseudo-course at Rutgers in order to generate tuition charges at Rutgers.

Students from other participating institutions will be admitted as nonmatrics through the Graduate Admissions Office and will be formally registered and appear on rosters. Tuition and student fees will be waived.

The Office of Budget and Resource Studies will periodically review the volume of activity in order to facilitate tuition revenue projections.


School of Gradaute Studies Students

Students will obtain an approval/registration form from the Office of the Dean. Approval signatures must be obtained in the following order: department chair or program director; Graduate School dean; instructor; host school dean.

Students will register at Rutgers for 16:001:818, INTER-UNIV DOC CNSRM for an equivalent number of credits. This �course� will not be graded. The student will be billed for the pseudo-course credits. The student will complete the IUDC registration form available at the Graduate School and submit it to the host school.

If the host school formally registers the Rutgers student, upon completion of the course(s) the student will request that a transcript be sent from the host institution to the responsible dean at the Graduate School. If the host school does not formally register the Rutgers student, course and grade information will be reported via the IUDC registration form to the responsible dean at the Graduate School. Host school course tittle will be entered the exchange screen soon as it is known.

The dean will forward the transcript or IUDC form to the Registrar identifying the work as taken under the Consortium. The Registrar will enter the course title, course number, and grade on the exchange screen. The degree credit indicator will be set to "Y" and the GPA indicator will be set to "N". The print indicator for 16:001:818 will be set to "N".


Non-Rutgers Students

In a fall or spring semester, students will obtain the approval/registration form from their home institution and secure the approval signatures. Upon approval, the responsible dean at the School of Graduate Studies will send an admissions application to the Graduate Admissions Office. The Admissions Office will admit the student to the School of Graduate Studies, as a nonmatric using the codes 16:NM:xxx(curric code). The admissions application fee will be waived.

In the summer session, students need not go through admissions but will register using the summer session procedures. The registrar will assign the codes shown above rather than the usual nonRutgers codes used in summer session.

The dean will submit a course request to the Registrar for the Rutgers course involved. The Registrar will institute the registration, and enter a location/special code (de# 21295) of "CD" on the ST screen, and an SAR Billing Code of "CD", also on the ST screen. The Registrar will set the telephone access override code to "N" to prevent unauthorized changes of registration. At the end of the semester, the student will request a transcript to be sent to the home institution.

The student�s bill payment indicator will be set to "Y" by the Registrar at the time of registration and tuition and fees will be waived by SAR based on the SAR Billing Code of "CD".

Students may secure ID cards in the same manner as other graduate students.

The Registrar must take steps to prevent the mailing of registration instructions for subsequent semester and to prevent online registration in subsequent semester.


Participation in the Consortium has been approved by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

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