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Graduate students at Rutgers, New Brunswick and at RBHS, Piscataway, may take courses at the host institution without formal admission. Tuition is assessed by the home institution to its own students. At legacy Rutgers schools  this is accomplished through registration in a dummy course.  At RBHS a clone of the legacy course is created and students are registered at the host institution by the host Registrar. Tuition and fees assessed by  the home school.


Rutgers, New Brunswick, to RBHS, Piscataway

The student obtains an approval form from the Registrar at either institution. The student obtains the signatures of his/her adviser , dean, and course instructor. The student registers for a dummy course at Rutgers (se below.) The form is submitted to the Registrar of the unit at RBHS offering the course.  The Registrar will create a student record and register the student.  The student will not  be billed by RBHS.

The student will register for the appropriate number of credits in the appropriate dummy course at Rutgers (RBHS EXCHANGE,  16:001:815, or 34:001:815) The print indicator for this course will be set to "N".

Course information will be posted to the student´┐Żs record on the exchange course screen upon receipt. The exchange form and the grade will be added upon receipt of a transcript from RBHS.  Degree credit indicator will be set to Y and GPA indicator will be set to N.


Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences-RBHS to Legacy  Rutgers School

RBHS to Rutgers

The registrar at the RBHS school  will notify the New Brunswick Graduate Registrar of the Rutgers courses and index numbers requested by students at SPH. In addition, sufficient demographic data to create a student record on the Student Record Data Base will be provided, including SSN, dob, gender, address, email address, NJ residency status, visa status, etc. The New Brunswick Graduate Registrar will create a record on the SRDB and register the student for the course(s) requested.  If a prior Rutgers record exists and that record has an F1 visa, it will be changed to F3, if it has a J1 visa, it will be changed to J3.  This will avoid SEVIS reporting issues for our International Student Office.

Students will be coded XX:NM:YYY, where XX is the unit offering the course and YYY is the curric in which the course is offered.  If there is no matching curric for the subject, 000 will be used. The registrar will enter a special/location code and sar billing code of UM. The billing code will exclude these students from billing. The bill payment indicator will be set at Y, and the telephone access override code will be set to N, thus blocking students from drop/add online or registration in future semesters online without going through the SPH registrar first. If a skeletal record was created the skeletal record indicator will be changed to N.

If the student already has an RUID on the SRDB from a former admission and has a visa code on the GD screen, the registrar will change the visa code to "UM". The SAR billing code will be set to UM.

The student will be sent an email informing h/her of h/her RUID and providing information about how to create a net ID, provide emergency contact information, and secure a Rutgers ID card if needed. A copy of this email will be sent to the RBHS registrar.

Transmission of Grades

Students will appear on rosters and will be graded normally.


These procedures have existed in some form since the separation of the Rutgers Medical School from Rutgers University. No formal documents of agreement exist.

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Updated: December 13, 2018

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