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Class Registration: Spring 2019 Registration Schedule

ALL STUDENTS:  Class periods on the three New Brunswick Campuses (Busch/Livingston, CAC/Downtown New Brunswick, and Cook/Douglass) are staggered, with the starting times of first period set at 8:10am for CAC/DNB, 8:40am for B/L, and 9:15am for C/D. Travel time between campuses must be a minimum of 50 minutes for daytime classes and 40 minutes for evening classes (after 4:30pm). Additional information, including a Class Scheduling Grid can be found on the Scheduling Website at:

Minimum and Maximum Credit Hour Limits

Credit Limits for Undergraduates have been set by the New Brunswick Academic Coordinating Council (Students may not exceed the following credit hour limits for registration, as determined by their respective colleges of matriculation) as follows:
Undergraduate College Min. Credit Limit Max. Credit Limit
 during Unrestricted
Max. Credit Limit:
First Day of
 New Semester
01-School of Arts & Sciences 12 18.0 20.5
07-Mason Gross Undergraduate 12 20.0 24.0
10-Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy 01 18.0 20.5
11-School of Environmental & Biological Sciences 12 19.0 19.0
14-School of Engineering 12 19.0 21.0
25-School of Nursing 12 18.0 19.0
30-School of Pharmacy (UG) 12 18.0 20.0
33-School of Business - NB (UG) 12 19.0 19.0
37-School of Management and Labor Relations 01 18.0 20.5

                                                PRIOR TO REGISTERING FOR CLASSES

Please refer to our website or your online Schedule of Classes for information on the use of WEBREG. You will need your netid to access the system

Normal Webreg Hours:

  • 6:30 am until 2:00 am 7 days per week.

Hours of Operation for In-Person Assistance:

The Registrar's Offices at ASB, Busch Campus (Rooms 200B, 200F and 200L) will remain open during the Spring 2019 Registration Period from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm weekdays.

Spring 2019 Undergraduate Registration Schedule:

January 29
Tuesday LAST DAY to DROP COURSES (without a "W" grade)
January 30

Students with prerequisite, time conflict (mini courses - 1.5 credit courses only), and maximum credit overrides must add these courses IN-PERSON at the Registrar's Office (Proctor Hall, College Avenue).

Registrar's Offices:

Proctor Hall, 620 George Street, New Brunswick, Busch Campus
        Undergraduate Registrar, Room 207

        Graduate Registrar, Room 207
        Verifications/Transcripts Office, Room 207

* Degree credits are credits already earned toward graduation; they do not include credits for courses
   currently in progress.

Updated: March 27, 2019

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