Office Of The Registrar, New Brunswick

Class Registration

Registration Schedule

  • Spring 2023 - Spring 2023 Pre-Registration began Monday Nov 7, 2022 at 9:00am
  • Fall 2023 - Fall 2023 Pre-Registration begins Monday April 17, 2023


Visiting the Registrar Office

Please visit the Registrar Office only if you encounter the following issues:

  • You are a continuing student making your initial registration during the first week of the semester. You are registering late and will be charged a $50 late fee. You will not be able to register via Webreg.
  • You have written permission for a prerequisite override (or, for graduate students, are adding a course with your dean’s approval after the second week of the semester). You must register in person.
  • You have written permission for a maximum credit override and you must register in person.
  • You wish to inform the Registrar of a newly assigned Social Security number. Bring your social security card to our office so it can be examined.
  • You need immediate proof of graduation (for a prospective employer) prior to obtaining the actual diploma. You may visit our office to obtain the Certificate of Degree.
  • You may bring a Residency Analysis Form to our office in person, although this is not required, if you wish to petition for New Jersey resident tuition assessment. Our office provides a Notary.
  • If you are a first semester new admit in the School of Graduate Studies and you have not had an appointment with your advisor, you must register in person, or via fax or mail.

Questions and Comments

    Please go to the Contact Us page for any additional questions or comments.

(If you desire specific information and are a Rutgers student, please include your 9-digit RUID number and your school/college designation in your message.) For all questions and comments relating to the Newark or Camden Registrar's Offices, please enter the appropriate website below, and direct your questions.

Updated: March 8, 2023

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